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San Diego Voluntary Simplicity Group Topic History: 2003 to 1996

Month Topic
January Simple Living in San Diego: Making it Happen in 2003!
February Panel on Going Against the Tide
March Kids and Simplicity
April Building Community
May Panel featuring Ghandi, Mother Theresa, St. Francis of Assisi and Thoreau
June Getting Rid of Mental and Physical Clutter
July Money
August Reclaiming Your Time
September Letting Go
October The Spirit of Business and Work
November How Much Is Enough?
December Holiday Celebration
January Defining Your Life Purpose Incorporating VS Principles
February Panel on Exploring and Enhancing Relationships
March Voluntary Simplicity and Social Justice: Part Two
April Investing with Your Values
May Presentation: I Love a Clean SD: Recycling, Reducing, Reusing
June Panel on Conscious Food Choices
July Panel on Spirituality/Living Mindfully
August Panel on Creating a Nurturing Home
September Panel on Finding Balance at Work
October Finding Your Passion
November Panel on Money Matters
December Potluck/Holiday Celebration:  How have you simplified this year?
January Overview of Voluntary Simplicity/Forming Simplicity Circles
February Getting Rid of Clutter
March Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More
April Barriers to Simple Living
May Stepping Lightly: Simplicity for People and the Planet
June Pedal Pushing Vision Quest
July Money as a Medium of Exchange
August Voluntary Simplicity and Social Justice
September Simplifying Your Household
October Financial Independence through a Simplicity Circle
November Food, Health and Time: Balancing the Act w/Simplicity and Joy
December Potluck/Holiday Celebration
January Relationships: How to Keep them simple in a Complex World
February Building Relationships: Getting to Know Each Other
March Alternative Housing (w/ Slides and Dance by Marilyn Qualm)
April Intentional Community
May Material Addictions Counterproductive To Health And Well-Being
June Simple Living and the Environment
July Creative, Conscious, Fun and Affordable Celebrations
August Beach Party
September Time Power
October How to be Happy No Matter What's Happening
November The Power of No: The Revolt Against the Daytimer
December Holiday/Potluck Celebration
January Achieving Life Balance
February Creativity:  Art and Fear
March Frugal Travel and Home Exchange
April Bartering
May How Much is Enough? 
June Creating Community
July Simple Finances
August A Quaker's Personal Perspective on Simple Living
September Alternatives to Working 
October How to Share and Promote Voluntary Simplicity
November Getting Rid of Clutter
December Celebrating the Holidays
January Getting Rid of Junk Mail
February Consuming
March Working
April Time
May Community
June Overview: Your Money or Your Life
July Explaining Voluntary Simplicity to family and friends
August The Role of Material Goods in our Lives
September Discovering Your Personal Roadmap to Voluntary Simplicity
October What Does Frugality Mean to Me?
November Quieting the Mind and Enriching the Spirit
December Reducing Consumption and Building Community during the Holidays
January Feeling Joy and Taking Pleasure in Life
February Letting Go of Extraneous Activities: Doing things with more Heart, Soul and Satisfaction
March Developing closer more meaningful relationships and letting go of those that are not working
April Voluntary Simplicity as a lifelong process of living purposefully and consciously
May Communication: Verbal/Nonverbal
June Taking Care of the Planet: Reducing Consumption
July Simple Living as it Relates to our Work Lives
August Simple Living as a way to Experience More Depth and Meaning in Life
September Enjoyment
October Creativity and Pursuing Your Passion
November Silence, Meditation and Spiritual Disciplines
December Enjoying a Simpler, Saner, More Environmentally Friendly Holiday Season
May Introductions: General discussion of Voluntary Simplicity
June Discussion of group interests
July Frugal Fun in San Diego
August Frugal Travel
September Ecological Living: Walking Gently on the Earth
October Vegetarian Lifestyle: Simplifying our Diet
November Reasons for Choosing Simple Living
December Inner Spiritual Growth