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So...what will I do at a Voluntary Simplicity Meeting?


The facilitator begins by welcoming everyone and provides a brief introduction to our group.

Introductions and

Check-in Question

Next, the facilitator asks everyone to introduce himself or herself and respond briefly to a question related to the topic for that month.  This gets the juices flowing and the mind stimulated for the upcoming topic.

Personal Testimony

An individual shares how they are implementing Voluntary Simplicity in their life. They may describe how their journey began, how voluntary simplicity has changed their life, any goals they may have, where they are in the process and any challenges they may have.

Topic (Presenter)

Break into Small Groups

Reconvene in large group

This is the main part of our meeting. The speaker presents the topic.  Sometimes the topic is presented by a panel of up to four individuals.

We often break into small groups to work on an activity or answer a question related to the topic.

We return to the larger group and several members share an insight gleaned from the topic.  Sometimes we ask everyone to share an action they will take to simplify their lives as it relates to the topic.

Sharing Resources

This is the time of the meeting to tell others about an event, an opportunity, or a resource. It is our chance for sharing or making announcements. You may also be searching for a resource related to living more consciously or simply and you may ask others for suggestions. Some examples are a room for rent, giving away a computer, giving away books, or furniture. Announcements can be for cooperative housing, conferences, or someone setting up a new simplicity circle.

Group Business

Volunteers sign up for the positions of greeter, facilitator, personal testimony and topic leader.


Someone reads a closing that is a few words of inspiration related to the topic to send us on our way and to remind us why we all come together.